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Tigers of Central India - Bhopal

  • Best Time To Visit: October to April
  • Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Locations Covered: Tadoba, Pench, Satpura
  • Departure: Bhopal
  • Destination: Nagpur
  • Country: India
Day 1 & Day 2
  • Arrive at Nagpur Airport and drive to Tadoba.
  • Approximate Travel Time: 2.5 hours
  • Check In at Limban at Tadoba/Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge
  • Accommodation for 2N/3D in luxury cottages/safari tents/villas
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Tea & Coffee Service
  • 1 Exclusive Jungle Safari in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve
  • Wifi
  • Birding Tour with in-house naturalist
Day 3 & Day 4
  • Check out from Limban at Tadoba.
  • Drive to Pench.
  • Approximate Travel Time: 6 hours
  • Check In at Pench Tree Lodge/Pench Jungle Camp.
  • Accommodation for 2N/3D in luxury cottages/tree house/luxury safari tents
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Tea & Coffee Service
  • 2 Jungle Safaris on Shared Basis in the Pench Tiger Reserve
  • In-house Nature based activities
  • Guided nature tours with in-house naturalist
Day 5 & Day 6
  • Check out from Pench Tree Lodge/Pench Jungle Camp
  • Drive to Satpura.
  • Approximate Travel Time: 4 hours
  • Check In at Denwa Backwater Escape/Forsyth Lodge.
  • Accommodation for 2N/3D in luxury AC Cottages/Tree House
  • All Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
  • Tea & Coffee Service - 1 Jungle Safari on shared basis in the Satpura Tiger Reserve
  • 1 Jungle Activity to choose from Boat Safari/Canoeing/Walking Safari.
  • Services of in-house naturalist.
Day 7
  • Check out from Pench Tree Lodge/Pench Jungle Camp.
  • Drive to Bhopal Airport.
  • Approximate Travel Time: 4 hours.

Exclusions & Extras

  • 1. Flight Tickets
  • 2. specific dates the rates may vary
  • 3. Extra Packed Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • 4. Exclusive Jeep Safari in Satpura & Pench Tiger Reserve
  • 5. Village Excursions
  • 6. Any other activities not mentioned in the above itinerary
  • 7. Any meals/drinks ordered by room service
  • 8. Tips for hotel staff/safari driver & naturalist

About the Locations & Properties

1 - Andhari Tiger Reserve

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state in India. It is Maharashtra's oldest and largest national park. Created in 1995, the Reserve includes the Tadoba National Park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary.
Area: 625 Sq. km
Established: 1955

Tadoba reserve is a predominantly southern tropical dry deciduous forest with dense woodlands comprising about eighty seven per cent of the protected area. Teak is the predominant tree species. Other deciduous trees found in this area include ain (crocodile bark), bija, dhauda, hald, salai, semal and tendu. Beheda, hirda, karaya gum, mahua madhuca (crepe myrtle), palas (flame-of-the-forest, Butea monosperma) and Lannea coromandelica (wodier tree). Axlewood (Anogeissus latifolia, a fire-resistant species), black plum and arjun are some of the other tropical trees that grow in this reserve.

Some of the famous and wildly seen flora of this park include, Teak, Ain, Bija, Dhauda, Hald, Salai, Semal, Tendu, Beheda, Hirda, Karaya gum, Mahua Madhuca, Arjun, Bamboo, Bheria, Black Plum, and many others. Apart from this the list of animals noted in this part include, Tigers, Indian leopards, Sloth bears, Gaur, Nilgai, Dhole, Striped Hyena, Small Indian Civet, Jungle Cats, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Chital, Marsh Crocodile, Indian Python, Indian Cobra, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, Peacock, Jewel Beetles, Wolf Spiders, etc.

2 - Limban at Tadoba

Nestled against the Bhavgadh hill and across a large seasonal pond near Village Mudholi, approximately 10 kms from Moharli Gate and 3 kms from Khutwanda Gate, Limban has been conceived as a sustainable Eco-Resort with the highest standards of comfort and service. With several watering holes in the vicinity and farms surrounding us, Limban offers a unique experience.

3 - Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge

Luxurious private villas facing the ethereal Lake Maasal, State of the art safari vehicles, personalized 'attention to detail' service, palettes that pique senses, motifs that capture imaginations & spaces that inspire rejuvenation.

4 - Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench National Park is in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. This bio-diverse park is known for its large population of Royal Bengal tigers.
Area: 293 Sq. Km
Established: 1977

Pench Tiger Reserve is home to over 1000 species of flowering plants. The lowland forest is a mixture of sal (Shorea robusta) and other mixed-forest trees, interspersed with meadows. The highland forests are tropical moist, dry deciduous type and of a completely different nature from bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) on slopes. A notable Indian ghost tree (Davidia involucrata) can also be seen in the dense forest.

One of the biggest attractions of this national park is the tiger and its sightings. Pench has a very high density of tigers within the folds of its jungles.

5 - Pench Tree Lodge

Pench Tree Lodge is the refuge of the Au courant, adventurous and Eco sensitive 'Mowgli'. It is located in the Karmajhiri area of Pench National Park and is being set up in a large estate of 36 acres. This will be the first lodge to be set up in this underdeveloped zone and supports are conservation policy of not overcrowding areas and making them unsustainable with over exposure to tourism. The Lodge offers multiple wildlife and village activities within and around the lodge.

6 - Pench Jungle Camp

Pench Jungle Camp is set in fifty acres of lush foliage, sprawling lawns and untouched landscaping only 1 km from the Turia Gate of Pench National Park. Nestled in a stunning location, Pench Jungle Camp provides guests with breathtaking views of the Pench National Park.

7 - Satpura Tiger Reserve

Satpura Tiger Reserve also known as Satpura National Park is located in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh in India. Its name is derived from the Satpura range.
Area: 524 Sq. Km
Established: 1981

Satpura Tiger Reserve is a part of a rich Central Indian forest ecosystem thus quite rich in biodiversity. Satpura Tiger Reserve has over 1300 species of plants which comprises teak, Saal, tendu, mahua (Indian butter-tree), bel (stone-apple), bamboos, grasses etc. Satpura Tiger Reserve has more than 62 trees species, 30 small tree species, 58 shrubs species,32 climber species and almost 64 grass species with important medicinal plants and rare herbs which are endemic in nature. Many rare and endemic plant especially Bryophytes and Pteridophytes includes Psilotum, Cyathea, Osmunda, Lycopodium, Lygodium etc. Saal is the most prominent flora of the National Park which is mainly found in the Pachmarhi plateau area of tiger reserve whereas lower plains on the northern side of the park mainly consist of teak forest on basaltic traps. Many species like Melastoma Malabthricum, Murraya paniculata, Holmskioldia senguines, Blumea Lanceolaria, Sophora interrupta are only found in Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

Satpura national park, along with its surrounding buffer-zone area have a large and diversified population of wildlife which are rarely seen in other national parks. This forest area is unique in its ecosystem and have a long history of wildlife conservation which is evident from the list of wildlife species currently present. The fauna of Satpura National Park is a stunning jungle treat for wildlife enthusiasts as we can find about 50 species of mammals, 254 species of birds, 30 species of reptiles, 50 species of butterflies here. Beautiful birds species including Malabar whistling Thrush, Paradise Fly-catcher, Honey Buzzard, Malabar pied Hornbill etc. are present in large numbers. There is presence of wide variety of flower species and moist conditions thus are ideal conditions for various butterfly species to flourish like Oakleaf, Black Rajah, Great Eggfly, Blue Pancy etc.

8 - Denwa Backwater Escape

Denwa Backwater Escape is located overlooking the mesmerizing backwaters of a dam built on Denwa River in Satpura National Park, the area is popularly known as Madhai. It is built on 10 acres of forested land along the river and across the river lies the national park which is approached by a boat and then by jeeps to go deeper into forest. The lodge offers stunning views of the Denwa River, grasslands across and rolling Pachmari hills.

9 - Forsyth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge, Satpura is a stylish and an environmentally friendly lodge that is engaged with the park management and the local community in a pioneering effort to create an unprecedented jungle experience in one of the most exciting tiger habitats in the world. This is an effort to create an exceptional wilderness experience for those who truly revel in wild places far from the jeep borne hordes that have defaced so many other parks.

Package Cost: £2799 per person*

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