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Data Protection Policy

The following is brief summary of our privacy policy, covering how and why we collect your data, and the ways in which we use it to optimize your browsing/booking experience.

Please note that this webpage is not meant to constitute an exhaustive coverage of said policy – we are geared towards comprehension rather than totality, in order to aid your understanding of what we do with your data. You can contact us at , or write in at

Travlock Private Limited
128 City Road
London EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom

For a copy of said legal document, complete with the pertinent clauses and sub-clauses of UK Law under which we operate this portal.

About Us:

Travlock Private Limited is a travel company/booking portal specializing in affordable flights, luxury hotels and tailor-made packages for cruises, multi-city holidays and more.

You can contact us at for clarifications, or to direct our handling of your data (see section on GDPR below).

How and Why we Collect Your Data:

We build a partial profile using the data you directly provide us (in the form of names, potential travel destinations, preferred flight plans etc), the data we receive from third party partners (in the form of browsing data collected by our partner websites and other relevant portals), and hypertext fragments (or cookies) that are stored on your browser as a direct result of visiting some of our pages or clicking on certain promotions. This partial profile is used by us for a variety of purposes, mainly

  • Consideration and investigation of complaints and grievances,
  • Formal enforcement actions,
  • Providing advice and information that is most pertinent to your needs,
  • Maintaining internal accounts and records,
  • Supporting our employees as they provide you bookings and other travel services,
  • Sending you promotional communications about the travel services we provide,
  • Undertaking research to strengthen our existing infrastructure,
  • Accurate record-keeping of various bookings (to avoid double-booking and factual discrepancies)
  • Maintenance of a public register, and
  • Internal administrative matters we may need resolved, to improve/expedite your experience.

How and Why We Store Your Data:

We store your personal information for the duration of your relationship with us. In the regrettable case of said relationship being curtailed, we retain certain specified data to discharge our legal duties or public functions, to respond to questions or complaints, or to maintain records according to European or National aviation laws applicable to us. Whenever you avail our services you are within your rights to demand knowledge of how long we expect to retain your personal information and why; please contact us at to request a detailed record (see section on GDPR below).

Why and With Whom We Share Your Data:

We are sometimes required to share information with other organizations. Whenever that becomes necessary, we make it our singular purpose to comply with all aspects of GDPR (see the section on Your Rights that follows).

Where necessary or required we might share your information with:

  • The aviation authorities mentioned above
  • family/associates/representatives of the person whose data we are processing
  • professional advisers and consultants
  • partner services providers
  • credit reference agencies
  • debt collection/tracking agencies
  • law enforcement agencies
  • current, past or prospective employers/examining bodies
  • financial organizations
  • the central government
  • our suppliers
  • financial organizations
  • debt collection and tracing agencies
  • persons making legal enquiries or complaints
  • organizations that are being subjected to complaints or assessment,
  • prosecuting authorities/courts
  • other ombudsmen/regulatory authorities
  • security organizations (including vetting organizations)

Your Rights (GDPR)

As you may already be aware, the General Data Protection Regulation went live on the 25th of May 2018, superseding Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC (1995) as the standard guideline for online interactions between consumers and service providers; indeed, it completely overhauls the way your data is received, transcribed, and redistributed. The following is a list of recourses it offers you:

Right to Access (What, How and Why, With Whom)

You have the right to access whatever information we collect from you, the right to access how and why this information is relevant to your experience with us, and the right to access a list of the third parties with whom this information is shared in the course of providing said experience.

Please mail your right to access queries to us at, or write to us at Travlock Private Limited, 128 CITY ROAD, LONDON EC1V 2NX, UNITED KINGDOM For a detailed electronic copy of your collected information.

Right to Emendation (Requesting Corrections):

You have the right to question the veracity of any information we collect from you. Please email us at to provide clarifications or emendations to any data we might have collected on you. This will help us to deliver a better, more personalized browsing experience.

Right to Erasure (Removal from Databases):

Also known as The Right to Be Forgotten. You have the right to demand erasure of any information we may have gathered or stored in the process of providing you with an optimal browsing experience. Please email us at to exercise your right to erasure - although this might deteriorate your online experience by curtailing personalized discounts and other optimizations.

Let it also be noted that the right to erasure can sometimes be superseded by public interest in the availability of data; if we are unable to erase your data we will contact you immediately, with further options to restrict sharing and dissemination instead.

Right to Reject Automated Processing (Requesting Human Contact):

We use certain automated functions (algorithms and data optimization) in order to expedite our decision-making process (including which promotions you are offered, the recommended destinations/packages displayed to you, etc).

Wherever this profiling can significantly affect you legally, you have the right to reject automated processing in favour of human contact/grievance redressal (i.e. a second/third opinion from a person rather than a mechanized function).

Write to us at and we will make sure your grievance is addressed post-haste.

Right to Withdraw Consent (Ease of Opting Out):

Wherever we have relied on your consent for the collection or redirection of your personal data, you have the right to withdraw consent at any point. Please email us at to withdraw any prior consent for the use of your information.

Please note that a withdrawal of consent might disrupt our ability to provide you with certain services; if such a disruption occurs, we will inform you at the earliest.

This website requires the use of cookies. If you continue to use this website we will assume your implied consent to use these cookies.
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