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    Bunny brings Easter eggs

    Easter or Easter Sunday is referred as the day of resurrection of the Lord of Christianity, Jesus Christ. As written in the New Testament in the holy book, The Bible, Jesus Christ was reborn on this Sunday after his crucifixion. The holy book states that, if the Jesus would not have risen, people could not have retained their faith in Christianity. Easter Sunday tends to happen two days after Good Friday.

    On Good Friday, the Jesus was crucified and he had risen three days after his crucifixion. The whole week before Easter is considered as Holy Week. Easter Sunday falls on the Sunday after the paschal full moon date. Easter symbolizes the victory of God over death. Jesus Christ’s resurrection is considered to be evidence that he was not merely a teacher, but the son of God. His conquering over death for once and all also gave a new meaning to the Christians’ belief in God.

    Easter is considered to be the biggest festival celebrated by Christians and most important day of the church year. The importance of Easter can be clearly understood as the retention of belief in God and that eternal life is granted to everyone who believes in God. The Easter holiday is the oldest holiday in Christians’ calendar.

    People around the world celebrate this festival in varied ways. In U.S. people exchange painted eggs and sweet boxes. Whereas, the British children go from place to place to hunt for chocolate eggs that the Easter Bunnies have left. Bunny symbolizes Easter for they depict as rabbit bringing basket of Easter eggs. Easter Bunny is an ancient figure which is considered to have arrived in America before anyone else.

    Also, on the other hand, eggs also symbolize Easter. The reason behind is that eggs are considered as an ancient symbol of new life. Thus Easter eggs represent the rebirth of Jesus from the tomb. The eggs are decorated and gifted to each other on this auspicious occasion.

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