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    Barbados is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. The best time to visit Barbados is between January and April. The island has several tourist destinations starting from art galleries, wildlife sanctuaries, caves, beaches, parkland, eye-popping buildings, gardens and malls. Many providers offer flights from London to Barbados, such as Air Canada, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, British Airways, Qantas Airways and China Southern Airlines. Budget hotels are abundant across the island.


    Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. Its capital (and largest city) is Bridgetown. The island is home to the green monkey. Despite being classified as an Atlantic Island, Barbados is considered a part of the Caribbean, where it ranks as a leading tourist destination. The ideal time to visit the island is between January and April, since the dry season is more pleasant than the humidity and precipitation.

    Carlisle Bay is a small natural harbour which offers beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving and turtles. Harrison's Cave is a limestone cavern with streams and pools. Animal Flower Cave literally holds the ocean inside, with steps leading down to a coral floor, sea anemones and natural rock ponds. Paynes Bay (sometimes called the 'Platinum Coast') lies on the west coast of Barbados. Bottom Bay and Crane Beach are popular beaches. Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a scenic mahogany forest site featuring animals and picturesque paths. Andromeda Gardens offer self-guided walks through tropical plants, flowers and trees. Flower Forest is a more modest botanical garden featuring perennial blooms, wildlife, coastal views and a café. Barbados Museum and Historical Society is a museum with galleries including local society, art and military history.

    Barbados is famous for its turquoise waters, its indispensable nature and beaches. The southeastern and east coasts of the island are known for big waves and windsurfing spots. The west coast of the island is home to upmarket beach hotels, golf courses and calm waters. The island offers a wide range of activities.

    Barbados offers an exciting nightlife. The island features live entertainment. Bars, clubs, discos, restaurants, theatre, music and dance make its night life even more exciting. The place has its own unique flavour that makes this destination top most popular destination travelled by international tourists in the current time.

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    Virgin Atlantic, British Airways

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    British Airways, Air France, KLM


    British Airways, American Airlines
    British Airways, Air France, KLM

    Handy Information

    Best Time to Travel
    January to April
    Time Difference
    United Kingdom is 5 hours ahead of Barbados
    Average Flight Time
    09 Hours
    Barbadian Dollar - BBD

    Barbados is home to the green monkey. Carlisle Bay is a small natural harbour which offers beaches, snorkeling, scuba diving and turtles. Must-see landmarks include Bottom Bay, Paynes Bay, Animal Flower Cave and Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Barbados is famous for its turquoise waters, its indispensable nature and beaches. The island offers an exciting nightlife and a wide range of activities.

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