What Features Should Be Found On All First-Class Flights?

What Features Should Be Found On All First-Class Flights?

When you board a plane, there are distinctive separations between you and some of the other passengers; the reason for this is that whilst you are paying a minimal fee for economy, they are paying above-and-beyond for the luxury that is provided in first-class. For those of you that have always harboured dreams of joining them, you may be intrigued to learn a little more about what makes first-class so special. Here to shed some light on this mysterious subject, are the experts here at Travlock Limited.

Larger Seats

The moment that you walk into a first-class cabin, it will immediately become apparent to you that the chairs offer significantly more room. Rather than being compressed into tight rows, you are instead treated to your own personal cubicle. Within this, you can expect to find your own personal screen, for entertainment purposes, as well as footrests in some instances. However, it is the sheer increase in size, from the perspective of the chair, that will truly blow you away.

Complementary Nourishment

When you book a first-class ticket, you won’t have to worry yourself about stocking up on food and drinks prior to your flight - all of this will be taken care of for you. Depending on the airline you have opted for, you will most likely be issued with a comprehensive menu that covers a variety of different cuisines. This is not to mention the numerous drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that you will be offered throughout your journey. It is also worth mentioning that, in terms of quality, everything will be exceptional.

Exclusive Lounge

Though you may not have realised it, the benefits associated with first-class flights begin long before you step aboard the aircraft itself. From the moment that you have checked-in, you will subsequently be escorted to a private lounge. Here, you can expect to be able to enjoy a level of peace and quiet that is seldom associated with airports. Once again, the chairs on offer will provide you with ample support. There will also be a selection of high-end restaurants and bars, where you can entertain yourself during your wait.


This is something that sometimes flies under the radar, especially due to the fact on long-haul flights, economy passengers have the option to pay for wi-fi. However, should you have chosen to put yourself into first-class, you will discover that this is something that is complementary - you will not have to concern yourself with additional charges. In terms of convenience, this is massive, as it allows you to live your life just as you would on the ground.

What Can We Offer You?

Are you someone that is trying to plan their summer holidays for when international travel is once-again allowed, and want to treat yourself to an experience unlike any other? Have you always wanted to fly first-class, but until now have lacked the finances to make this a reality? If you fall into either of the aforementioned categories, there is no doubt about it - Travlock Limited are who you need to speak to.

You can liken us, as a company, to your typical travel agent; in essence, we source top-tier flights across the globe, and subsequently provide you with all the relevant information. That being said, our capabilities range far beyond this. If you refuse to fly anything below business class, or require a flat bed on your long-haul flights, we can easily cater to your needs. Should you be interested in taking your first steps with us, we suggest one of two things - either call our customer support team on 0800 808 5339, or send us a message at info@travlock.com