How To Keep Yourself Occupied In Abu Dhabi

How To Keep Yourself Occupied In Abu Dhabi

The Far East of Asia has always been somewhere that has intrigued members of the Western world. Everything about this part of the globe is different from what we are used to - from their culture and society, to the cars they drive and the buildings that they work in - it is no wonder that, in recent years, this has become one of the hottest tourist attractions. Here at Travlock Limited, we have facilitated flights from London to Abu Dhabi for a number of years; this means we are well-suited to provide you with a guide on what to do once you reach your final destination.

Grand Mosque Center

In case you weren’t already aware, the official religion within Abu Dhabi and, more specifically, the United Arab Emirates, is Islam. Therefore, whilst you are on your travels, you may want to gain an appreciation of this by stopping by at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre. By far-and-away the largest place of worship in the country, during Eid, it is flocked to by thousands. Despite not having a particularly storied history, from an architectural perspective it is stunning. 

Yas Marina Circuit

If you are someone that has always had a vested interest in motorsports, your trip would not be complete until you have either toured or visited the Yas Marina Circuit. Although it was only introduced to the Formula One roster in 2009, it has already become a firm favourite amongst both drivers and spectators. With sweeping corners and excellent straights, this is truly a magnificent showcase of design prowess, and you will not want to miss your opportunity to clap eyes on it first-hand.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Whilst it does not have the same level of recognition as its French counterpart, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is still an incredibly prestigious art gallery, and one that you don’t want to miss during your stay. With a collection that currently numbers at more than thirty-five thousand, you won’t be left wanting for variety, as is to be expected from the largest Arabian peninsula museum. Since it opened in 2017, it has become incredibly popular amongst locals and tourists alike.

Yas Mall

You will be hard-pressed to find a tourist that, at some point or another, does not enjoy sampling some of the local shops during their travels. In the case of Abu Dhabi, the best place to do this is the Yas Mall. Covering more than two hundred and thirty-five thousand square metres, and containing four hundred shops, it is certainly a sight to behold. You can liken this complex to a miniature town, due to the way that it is laid out. Formatted into dozens of small streets, walking around Yas Mall will be an experience you never forget.

Travlock Limited - Who Are We?

As you can hopefully see, once you have booked your flights to Abu Dhabi International Airport, there are countless things that you can look forward to during your trip. For those of you that have had their hearts set upon organising a journey to the United Arab Emirates, you are in for a treat - the capital city is an absolute gem, and will certainly not disappoint you. Once the travel restrictions are eventually lifted, you can certainly start envisioning yourself on the long-haul flight, bursting with excitement and anticipation.


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