Understanding The Different Airline Classes

Understanding The Different Airline Classes

When booking a flight, especially if it is a long haul journey, you want to make sure that you’re going to be comfortable in the seat you choose. On the majority of airlines across the market, you can purchase multiple different tickets and there is a range of classes and a variety of pricing schemes within each fare class.


Whilst having the flexibility to choose the class that works best for you is incredibly helpful, if you’re not used to the different classes then you may be curious as to what the difference really is. There are 4 different cabin classes offered on most airlines; economy, premium economy, business class and first class. To help anyone trying to figure out which class to go for when booking their next flight, Travlock has to put together an easy to understand guide to the different classes.


Economy flights 

You may hear these seats referred to as coach class or just standard seats. Generally speaking, in this class, you’ll get a seat that takes you from A to B, it is the most basic class offered. As the most basic, economy flights are also the cheapest and depending on the destination you can pick, these seats can be quite cheap.


The seats here are the narrowest though and many people are often unhappy with the lack of ‘leg room’ they have. Whilst this class is fine for short flights, if you know you’re going to be on a plane for hours and hours then, this may not be the best choice.


Premium economy flights 

This class is a step up from economy and these seats will be in a different cabin. In general, premium economy flights will have bigger seats and more distance between the rows too, they are said to be much more comfortable. Of course, as expected, the tickets for this class are more expensive than standard economy.


When you’re flying premium economy you will, however, get a dedicated lounge at the airport. You may also find that you get complimentary or better food, a greater baggage allowance and amenity kits when upgrading to premium economy flights too.


Business class flights 

It isn’t uncommon for this class to be referred to as executive class too. Again, it is a step up in terms of seats on the aeroplane and business class is quite impressive. Many say that once you have flown in this class there is no going back to economy seats. Some airlines are even replacing their first-class seats with business class these days, it is that good.


There is quite a dramatic price increase when purchasing business class flights, and they are not affordable tickets for everyone. But, you do get a lot for your money, you have a lounge in the airport with free food and drinks, free Wifi, and often a personal minibar and multi-course meal on the plane.


First class flights 

Simply put, first class is reserved for the super-lucky. It is the most expensive class and the seats can be incredibly costly. It is, however, the most comfortable way to fly and you get your own lie-flat seat with a door for privacy, it is like your own little room on the plane.


You will get everything offered in business class, from food to alcohol and you also benefit from any in-flight entertainment, not to mention the fact that you also get your very own temperature controls and mood lighting. Some airlines even offer private transfers to and from the airport too, it really is the peak of luxury.


Booking your flights 

Hopefully, you will now understand a bit more about all of the classes available on the majority of airlines and why the pricing of these classes differs so much. You can use the information above to help you decide which class best suits your needs and to ensure that you book the right class next time you fly.


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